Strategic Partners Description Web Link
Workplace Issues and Education Crosslinks Health Consultants: Enables us to provide our clients with a complimentary subscription to a newsletter “businesshealth” that helps keep our clients stay informed of the latest trends in government policy, benefits, wellness and cost control initiatives. In addition, they organize bi-annual Symposiums on health, productivity and business health which help accomplish the same objectives as above.
Management Consultants OPTIMUS|SBR Is a group of management consultants that help our clients’ assess their business operations and achieve savings.
Human Resources Pivotal Integrated HR Solutions, a team of human resource practitioners and advisors, designed to support client human resource (HR) cost management, compliance administration and policy development requirements that are typically only available to larger organizations.
National Representation PPI: Our alliance with PPI enables us to service our Canadian nation- wide clients as well as provide us with more depth of consulting service and quality back-office support when appropriate or needed. We have chosen PPI because our respective organizations share common values and a commitment to quality, integrity and being easy to do business with.
International Representation IBN, International Benefits Network: assists us in serving the benefits needs of our clients world-wide as they have assisted us in Chile recently.


Our Preferred Providers

Preferred Providers Description Web Link
Wellness Connex, offers a compelling business case for developing and launching a comprehensive workplace health and wellness strategy for employers who want to reduce cost of absenteeism and health care expenses, enhance employee morale and engagement.
Executive Health Medcan and Cleveland Clinic, privately owned healthcare clinics specialized in Executive Health assessments for businesses that recognize the importance of maintaining good health for their key employees,
Second Medical Opinion Best Doctors and Worldcare, provide second opinion medical services to your employees to ensure proper care and to prevent misdiagnosis and unnecessary procedures.,
Traditional Pharmacy Costco, Loblaws, Sobeys, Metro – we have secured preferred arrangements with these pharmacy chains, that offer our clients lower dispensing fees and drug ingredient mark ups, that can reduce the cost of a prescription by as much as $3-$5 when the average cost of a dispensing fee is $10-$12.
Mail-Order Pharmacy Sobeys Pharmacybymail, Rexall Direct, provide and deliver prescription medications in a convenient, safe and economical manner for people who take ongoing maintenance medications.
Health Spending Accounts Esorse Corporation, provides Healthcare Spending Account’s that supplement the traditional employee health benefits program. This type of program provides your employees with reimbursement for medical and dental expenses not covered under a traditional insured plan.
ASO Adjudication ClaimSecure, a leading healthcare claims adjudicator that specializes in providing claims management and plan administrative services to Canadian corporations.
Disability Management Acclaim, Genex and Organizational Solutions, specialize in reducing the cost of non-occupational and occupational employee absences, through efficient sick leave adjudication and return to work strategies.
Spencer Health This organization has a network of preferred providers that charge lower fees on Dental services, Paramedical Practitioners, Eye wear and Prescription Drugs.


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