September 2015



What your broker, consultant or advisor may not have presented to you!


The Consulting House (TCH) re-introduces the best benefits-funding strategy!


It is better than conventional insurance, self-insurance (ASO), Retention or any other form of funding of your benefits program!


It is by far is the most advantageous funding strategy available today. Under this strategy, you share the rewards of good experience while fully shielded from bad experience. We at TCH promoted this strategy to our clients for many years until carriers stopped offering it. Due to competitive pressures, few carriers have started to offer it now and that is why we are sending you this important News Bulletin.


Under this strategy, not only you would have a cap on your maximum benefits liability (something you would not have under ASO), but you will be rewarded with up to 50% of any surplus that is generated from good experience.


How much is it worth it to you to have a maximum on your benefits’ budget while being able to access part of any surpluses when they happen? It is a one-way street to your definite advantage. We believe this strategy is significant enough for you to explore and pursue.


Check out our web site for couple of our clients’ testimonials namely Aurora Quarrying & Penegal Trim who benefited from this strategy.


Aurora Quarrying enjoyed $189,335 advantage over a 10-year period.


We hope that we have peaked your curiosity. Unless we hear from you before, we will be in touch soon to schedule a short introductory meeting to go over this strategy and how it can it can benefit you, your Company and your employees.

We invite you to Benefit from Our Strategies.


Simon Sabat

The Consulting House Inc.